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Why Is My Dishwasher Filled With Water?

Your dishwasher makes the evening routine that much easier and you need it in working order so you can take care of the rest of your to-do list. These machines are fantastic and newer models have anti-clogging features, but they are all susceptible to clogs and pooling. If you notice an issue, try accessing these three areas to look for a culprit»

How to Access the Drain Basket
Your drain basket is essentially the filter for your entire dishwasher. It will collect food scraps and any other debris that is washed off of your plates. The basket is usually located right under the spray or arm or directly to the side of it. If cleaning it with a hanger doesn’t work, you can remove the filter by taking out the screws.

How to Access the Drain Hose

  • You need to look for the lower front panel of your unit which is usually held down by screws or pop off clips.
  • Once you remove it, you’ll see a drain hose behind there.
  • The hose may have become kinked or bent and you need to straighten it out to let water drain properly.
  • If there is something lodged in there, use a metal hanger, straighten it out and clear the blockage by forcing it out the open end.

How to Access the Pump
The pump in your unit has fairly simple functionality. The upper impeller brings water into the unit, the lower one feeds it out of the drain. Sometimes a clog in either impeller can throw off the balance and cause the pooling of water. The most common thing to be caught here is broken glass or chipped ceramic. You must remove immediately before it breaks the hardware that makes the pump run.

Here at Levine & Sons, we can fix anything that has water coming in and out of it. We’re plumbing specialists with a desire to bring you Red Carpet Service at an affordable price to you. If you’re experiencing dishwasher problems, drain clogs or faucet drips, we can restore order in no time at all.

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