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5 Household Items That Can Harm Your Drain

Your home’s drains are always in danger and you need to be their bodyguard. There are so many household items that can cause them harm, and you need to make yourself aware of their enemies. How can you defend against an enemy that you don’t know»


When you cook pasta or rice, you are softening the grains with the use of hot water. When you dump them in cold water, they become soggy and mushy– which is the opposite of what you want in your drain. This is a major red flag!

Bath Salts

These chemicals are known for turning people into zombies, but they can kill your drain just as easily. They are designed to dissolve in water, but like most items, the packaging might not be 100% truthful. Some of the salt pebbles are too large and will get stuck as they drain from the tub.

Solvents/ Paints

Try and keep the following items out of the drain due to their chemical contents. They can ruin your entire plumbing system if enough of them make it inside:

  • Nail Polish Remover
  • Paint
  • Turpentine
  • Excessive Drano


These won’t necessarily cause clogs, but they can do harm to your neighborhood’s water supply. The chemicals within the medication can contaminate the sewage water and sneak their way through the filtration system.

Small Toys

You should have a child lock on your bathroom and a lock on your toilet seat to ensure drain safety. If you leave these areas with open access, it’s only a matter of time before a toy or pacifier makes it down the drain.

Here at Levine & Sons, we come in to clean up the mess after the drain has been compromised. We perform sewer and drain cleaning in the Metro Detroit area and we have been in this business since 1927. We have truly seen it all!
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