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5 Storage Solutions for Small Bathrooms

While we all wish we could have a full sized master bathroom, the reality is that it is just not feasible for all. In fact, most of us in the Metro Detroit area would say we are pretty disappointed with the current size of our bathroom. If you can’t afford renovation, you need to improvise and make the most of the space that you do have! Come on, get creative and use some of our storage solutions in your bathroom:

Build It Up

The best way to add room to your bathroom is to build storage where you once had none. Your walls are looking pretty bare and that is plenty of storage room you are putting to waste. Buy some shelves that match your vanity and tile and enjoy your new candle and towel storage areas!

Hide Your Storage

  • Buy storage bins that don’t meet the eye and put some seldom used items in them.
  • Hide them in a linen closet.
  • Buy a mirror that opens and has shelves.
  • Buy a large shower caddy so you can keep excess soap in the shower.

Stack & Sort

The existing storage areas in your bathroom need to be utilized to the fullest extent. You should buy stackable storage bins for makeup, cosmetics, soaps and things of the nature so you are utilizing the entire area below your sink.

Hang It

Some people like to store in fashion and hanging baskets are very in right now. All you have to do is hook up some racks or wall hooks and hang the baskets of your choice. Be careful not to store heavy items because they could rip off the wall and ruin your tile or drywall.

Use Every Inch

Too many people leave their toilet area storage-free and this is a big mistake in a small bathroom. You can build shelves or hang baskets next to or over your toilet and store magazines or toilet paper. Be careful not to have any small items stored in these areas because if they fall into the toilet, you’ll be calling your Levine & Sons plumbing professionals.

We’re not exactly the creators or the designers, but we can really repair a sink or toilet! We have been doing it since 1927 and that experience has given us the advantage over our competition. We’ll get your drains clear without draining your wallet and we’ll install all of the fixtures you might need!

To schedule plumbing service, call Levine & Sons at 1-888-LEVINE1 or book an appointment online for faster service!

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