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Back to School Tips for Your Morning Routine

Showers, teeth brushing and breakfast are all back at the crack of dawn and the 2017 school year is here! Levine & Sons is just your plumbing & HVAC team, but we are family people and we want to give you some words of wisdom. Let’s cut some time off that morning routine:

Organize Closet Space

Your child’s body likely changes from one year to the next, so their wardrobe needs to change with it. Go through their closet with them to see what fits, what doesn’t and then shop accordingly. New first day of school outfits are a must!

Shop Wisely

When you go to get your kids their back to school supplies, keep it simple and don’t overspend. Buying supplies with the circular at the supermarket is always the cheapest and don’t splurge with the themed supplies until after school starts. The trends change so often they will probably want a new lunchbox before the year is over anyway.

Practice Makes Perfect

Don’t wait until the first day of school to get your kids up at the proper hour. It will be a whole lot easier to wake them up on that first day if they slowly get up earlier and earlier throughout the final week of Summer.

Fill the Schedule

Children have a fast metabolism and the energy to do so many activities. Don’t give them too much free time after school or they will just play video games and find trouble. Schedule after school sports and activities to keep their plate full and healthy.

Prepare, Prepare, Prepare

You should get as much of the morning routine done the night before so that you aren’t rushing around in the morning. Lay out clothes, make lunches and shower before bed so you knock some things out of the way before the morning rush. It will also make things easier on your plumbing if you break it up.

From all of your friends at Levine & Sons, we wish you a very happy and healthy school year! If there are any plumbing problems at home that might mess up the morning routine, be sure to let us know so we can take care of them for you.

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