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Should I Get My Furnace Inspected Now?

Summer is officially over on the calendar and the weather is soon to follow suit. We can’t expect our heating systems to run from season to season without maintenance and our inspection appointments are already coming. Let our certified technicians take a look at your furnace or boiler so you know you are safe and ready for colder weather:

Our Heating Technicians

All of our furnace and boiler technicians are NATE Certified and they know exactly what you need to get ready for heating season. Your system is like a car, it needs maintenance to perform at a high level and we can be your auto repair experts! We’ll clean the coils, fix any malfunctioning equipment, change your filters and provide lubricant to areas that need it. Long story short, we’ll get you ready for Winter!

We’ll  Get It Fixed

Other HVAC companies in the area try to sell you a new furnace or boiler as soon as possible, but not us! We have the confidence in our team to know if they can get the unit fixed and have it running at peak efficiency. They can repair airflow issues, problems with noises and anything that might be happening inside your furnace or boiler. Repair is our first option, but we’ll also be honest and let you know if a new unit might be more cost effective.

Our Schedule is Open

If you book your furnace inspection now, our schedule will be a lot more flexible than it would be in a month or two. People tend to rush these appointments and fit them in after the first real cold days of the year, and we only have so many technicians to send out. If you book early, we’ll be able to adjust to your scheduling constraints with ease!

Levine & Sons has invested in the technology, team members and training to provide the most complete, cost effective and efficient solutions for any disaster that may strike. You can count on us to always be there, providing the service you need, when you need it.

To schedule a furnace inspection, call 1-888-LEVINE1 or book an appointment online!

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