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These Four Things Will Help You Clean Your Drain

Drains are a pain. They are always clogging and we have to be so mindful of what we put into them, that it creates a bigger stress in our lives than it is worth. But what if you always had a backup drain cleaning method you could rely on? What if your friends at Levine & Sons were going to give you the answers right now?! Let’s follow along:

The Bent Wire Hanger

  • This trick is simple and effective!
  • Take a regular wire coat hanger and straighten it out.
  • Bend one end over to create somewhat of a hook on that end.
  • Push that hook end past your drain cover and make sure you go down without touching the walls of your drain.
  • On the way up, you want to hug the walls and scoop up whatever you can!

Baking Soda Trick

  • This is one of the oldest tricks in the book, but it still works like a charm.
  • Mix ⅓ cup of baking soda with ⅓ cup of vinegar and pour it in a measuring cup.
  • Shoot that down the drain and wait until you hear that fizzle.
  • Once you hear that, dump a pot of boiling water down the drain to clear it out.

Dish Detergent Cleaning

  • This tip is mostly for your toilet drain!
  • Pour ⅓ cup of dish detergent down your drain after you flush out the bowl.
  • The dish detergent will work to break up greasy residue.
  • After 2-3 minutes, take a pot of boiling water and flush it down the drain.
  • You should have temporary functionality before calling in a professional!

Wet & Dry Vacuum

  • For anyone who has experienced basement flooding, you know how important these things are!
  • Before using it for drain cleaning, make sure you turn the machine to LIQUID.
  • Do your best to create a nice, tight seal over your drain and use the attachment if necessary with a thinner opening.
  • This can at the very least loosen the clog and allow you to flush the rest away with boiling water.

For more than 80 years Levine & Sons has been solving drain and sewer problems in the Metro Detroit area. If these DIY solutions don’t work for whatever reason, be sure to give us a call and we will have those drains cleaned in no time.

To book an appointment, call 1-888-LEVINE1 or schedule online for fast and easy service!

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