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Beware the Rodents In Your Furnace

When the winter winds start to blow in Detroit, pests of all sizes begin to look indoors for shelter. They love warm hiding places that are out of human sight and your heating vents fit this bill perfectly. Once they get inside, it can be difficult to get them out and the damage they cause can be expensive to repair. Try implementing these tips to help keep them out in the first place:

Check for Access Points

Mice are small rodents that have a knack for getting into spaces that they might not look capable of accessing. Their fur accounts for a lot of their size and they can actually fit into spaces that are not much larger than a quarter. You’ll want to inspect your home inside and out to look for cracks in the ventilation or spaces that might not be sealed the way they should be.

Consider Ductless (Mini-Split)

Ductless or mini-split systems do not have vents which makes them a lot less likely to house pests (Duh). These systems are also more efficient and they provide customized heating. This makes them perfect for smaller homes that might not need a whole house furnace. Talk to your Levine & Sons professionals about a ductless system today!


As we said earlier, these rodents love tight spaces that are covered with clutter for shelter. If your heating system is in your basement’ you’ll want to protect it from the threat of pests by keeping it clean. Piling laundry and garbage near your furnace or boiler room is not a smart idea!

Call Levine & Sons Immediately

Our heating professionals are second to none in the industry and we are ready to take on another Metro Detroit winter. We are still offering Furnace Tune-Up’s and we highly recommend them so we can sniff out problems like this before they cause any harm.

To schedule a furnace tune-up, call Levine & Sons at 1-888-LEVINE or book on our website!

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