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Three Tips to Avoid Disaster This Thanksgiving

We are plumbing and heating experts here at Levine & Sons, but we care about your safety this holiday season! Fires are common during this time of year and we want all of our friends in the Metro Detroit area to be safe and sound!

Cook Side Dishes Beforehand

Fires are much more common during the holiday season because of issues with lighting and the increased time in the kitchen. But it isn’t necessarily the time in the kitchen that does it, it’s what we are doing with that time:

  • Over 50% of fires start because of multi-tasking in the kitchen.
  • Trying to cook a turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes and vegetables all at the same time is a recipe for disaster.
  • Try cooking sides in advance so that you can pay attention to safety and not be worried about too much at one time.

One Cook in the Kitchen

People often gravitate towards the kitchen during the holiday season and this is a MAJOR mistake. The more people in the kitchen, the more dangerous it becomes. People could knock into a pan, or bump into the oven knob and set it to a temperature that isn’t desired. More people means more mistakes and this is why you need to be strict about who is allowed in your kitchen and who isn’t.

Set an Appropriate Temperature

Remember to lower the temperature on your thermostat during the holiday because you will have a lot of extra heat in your home to begin with. The oven will heat the entire kitchen. The extra guests and their body heat will warm up the living space and dining room so you don’t need to work your furnace as hard. It will appreciate the days off early in the season!

If you have any plumbing or heating needs before or after the holiday, we would love to handle them for you! We have been celebrating with the Metro Detroit community for 90 years and we have seen it all on the job.

To schedule an appointment, call 1-888-LEVINE1 or fill out a form on our website!

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