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3 Plumbing Mistakes to Avoid at Your Holiday Party

Your company holiday party can take a turn for the worse if you make these plumbing mistakes.

There’s no better way to kick off the holidays than by attending your company’s holiday party. You can probably already guess which employee will be given the “danceaholic” title and everyone already knows who will be getting the “selfieholic” title – but whatever you do, you don’t want to be the person who creates a major plumbing disaster. Keep this list in mind as you get ready to celebrate all of the good things you and your company have done this year so you don’t bring it all to a screeching halt.

  1. Throwing Decorative Napkins In The Toilet: these napkins are in the bathroom for one or two reasons. They’re either for drying your hands after you wash them or simply for decoration. If you’re using them for the former, please refrain from tossing them into the toilet when your hands are dry – throw them in the trash can instead. Chances are, they’re not made for flushing and since they’re so thick, they can easily cause a clog.

  2. Discarding Food/Drinks In The Bathroom: if a coworker orders you a drink that you can barely stomach or makes you try a piece of food that makes you want to hurl, avoid the temptation to rush into the bathroom to give rid of them. Large chunks of food and garnishes in drinks could cause major problems for pipes.

  3. Brushing Your Hair Over The Sink: please do most of your “getting ready” at home. If you must brush your hair to make sure it looks perfect once you get to the venue, avoid doing so over the sink. Hair is a major drain clogging culprit that could cause major problems for the rest of the guests.

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