Is a Tankless Water Heater an Acceptable Holiday Gift?

A tankless water heater makes the perfect gift for the person who already has everything.

Looking for a gift that keeps on giving? We’ve got the perfect solution – but it’s probably not what you had in mind. A tankless water heater is certainly an acceptable holiday gift and we can just about guarantee the recipient will thank you for this gift for years to come.

How Does a Tankless Water Heater Work?

It’s actually quite the simple concept. Instead of water being warmed up and stored in a holding tank like we see in traditional water heating systems, a tankless system only heats water when it is needed. This means that you’ll save money because water is not heated and stored for no reason. There’s also no need for a chimney like some other types of water heating systems because tankless water heaters can ventilate safely through a sidewall.

The Benefits of Gifting a Tankless Water Heater?

  • They’re smaller and save space compared to conventional models.

  • They’re much more energy efficient because water is only heated “on demand.”

  • They offer an unlimited supply of hot water – that’s right, hot water whenever you need, any time you need it.

  • It’s the perfect gift for the person in your life who already seems to have everything. After all, never worrying about taking a cold shower again is worth it for lots of people!

Not sure if a tankless water heating system is right you or for your gift recipient? We can help! Just give the heating experts at Levine & Sons a call today to discuss and we’ll help you weigh out your options.