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Your Bathroom Fan Could Be Costing You A Fortune

Did you know that your bathroom exhaust fan could be costing you hundreds of dollars in heating costs each winter? That’s right, that piece of equipment you turn on each time you shower can actually be wasting your hard-earned money. How? It’s quite simple if you take some time to think about it, but we’ve done all of the thinking for you, below!

The Purpose of a Bathroom Exhaust Fan

You turn on the fan in the bathroom each time you head in there to shower, but do you know how it operates or why you’re even turning it on in the first place? It may not be a surprise that the fan works to remove excess moisture from the air caused by steam from the shower. But did you know that it operates by removing the air from inside the bathroom and transferring it through the wall or through the roof to the outdoors?  

Why Your Exhaust Fan Might Be Costing You

Now that you know how an exhaust fan works, it might make a bit more sense why it’s costing you if you don’t use it properly. If you let the fan run for too long during the winter months, it will actually remove the warm air from inside the house and push it outside. This can cause your home’s heating system to work harder than it needs to which drives up your energy costs as a result. The solution? Run the fan during and for roughly 15-20 minutes following your shower. After that, turn it off to keep warm air inside.

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