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Three Temporary Ways To Keep Moisture In The Air


There’s not much worse of a feeling than walking into an extremely dry house during the wintertime. Your nasal passages, dry. Your hair, dry. Your skin, you guessed it, dry. But you don’t have to live with in these conditions any longer – there are plenty of ways to keep moisture in the air this season and it’s much easier than you thought. See below to find out how you can temporarily fight back against dry winter air:

Turn Down The Thermostat

This might be a tough one for lots of homeowners because turning down the thermostat means the house will be colder, right? Well, yes in theory – but the more artificial heat you use, the drier the air will become and dry air actually tends to feel cooler than moist air. We recommend lowering the thermostat a few degrees and throwing on a cozy sweater – it’ll save you money in the long run and help keep moisture in the air.

Hang-Dry Your Clothes

Before you toss that load in the dryer, think about how much moisture you can add to the air by using a drying rack or hanging them up to dry instead. This another win-win situation because you’ll save on electricity bills as well.

Boil A Pot Of Water

You can create your own makeshift humidifier by placing a large pot of water on the stove and letting it boil. As the water boils, it will release moisture into the immediate area and make the air feel warmer and more humid. Just be sure to place the pot in a safe place and let your family members know that the stove is on in order to avoid burns.

Looking for a more permanent humidification solution? You’ve come to the right place! Levine & Sons is happy to test for proper humidity levels in your home and can suggest the right method of whole house humidification for you. This includes low-cost and low-maintenance models. Each home and situation is different and we are proud to be able to provide an option for any home and heating setup.

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