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Best Daily Temperature Setting For Central Air Conditioning

Did you know that more people fight over the thermostat settings than they do over the remote for the television? It may not come as a surprise that men and women typically prefer different temperature settings, but what may be a surprise is the recommended setting to leave your cooling system on during the day while you and your spouse are at work. So, are you wasting money keeping your house cool while you’re not home? Find out below!


The Great Debate

While some industry professionals recommend turning your cooling system completely off when you leave the house, others suggest this method will make your system work much harder when you turn it on once you return home. There are logical arguments on either side of this scenario, but it really depends on how much heat you can tolerate.

Optimal Temperature Settings

According to ENERGY STAR, the coolest you should ever keep your house is 78°F and that’s only while you’re home and during the hours while you’re awake. They also recommend raising or setting the thermostat to approximately 82°F when you go to sleep and setting it at 85°F while you’re at work.

However, these are only recommended settings in order to optimize cooling and energy efficiency. So, what should you do?

Your best bet is to start with the recommended settings mentioned above and make small adjustments if you don’t find it comfortable. Start by raising or lowering the temperature one degree at a time until you find what works best for you and your spouse.

Having problems with your home’s cooling system? That’s what we’re here for! Give the experts at Levine & Sons a call today and we’ll get your system back up and running right away. After all, it’s our goal to keep your home comfortable all year ‘round.

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