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Why is My Dehumidifier Freezing Up?

You’ve gone down into the basement or pulled down that ladder and headed up into the attic only to realize your dehumidifier is no longer running. You emptied the collection bucket and remembered to clean the filter last week, so what could be the problem? There’s a good chance the coils inside the system got too cold and froze up.


Now you’re probably wondering what causes dehumidifier coils to freeze, right? Well, it could be due to a number of factors:

  1. Temperature of the Room: believe it or not, the temperature of the room the dehumidifier is in can play a major role when it comes to your system freezing up. Sure, they’ll run just fine when the temperature is 65°F or above, but if the room temp drops below 65, you may run into some problems. 
  2. Lack of Airflow: another reason your dehumidifier may freeze is if there’s a lack of airflow to or through the unit. Air needs to move through the machine at a rapid pace in order for it to run at optimal performance so if the fan isn’t turning well or the condenser is blocked, it could prevent this from taking place. 
  3. Dirty Coils: when was the last time you gave the coils a good cleaning? If they’re dirty, it could cause them to malfunction and could lead to icing. Just remember to disconnect the power before attempting any maintenance.

Keep the above in mind all year ‘round in order to prevent your dehumidifier from freezing up again. After all, being proactive instead of reactive can save you major headaches in the long run.

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