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How To Clean Ductless AC Filters

Chances are you’re sweating as you read this and you’re about to enter panic mode because your ductless hvac system isn’t working like it should be. Well, if you haven’t cleaned the filter in a while, it’s probably the reason your system is malfunctioning so let’s not waste any more time. How do you clean the filter? Find out below!


Step 1: Open or remove the front panel of the air conditioner and lock it into the open position.

Step 2: Take out the plastic filter element and remove the smaller allergen filter to prep them for cleaning.

Step 3: Use a soft cloth to gently wipe the filters clear of dust and dirt.

Step 4: If the previous step doesn’t get rid of all debris, use warm water and a mild detergent to remove any remnants.

Step 5: Allow filters to air dry and then place them back in the appropriate sections of the unit.

Step 6: Replace the cover and lock it into place. You should hear it snap back into the locked position.

Step 7: Write a reminder for yourself to check on the filters again in approximately 4 weeks.

While you’ll likely be able to tackle all of the above on your own, there are some issues that require the skill and expertise of a trained professional. If you need extra help with your ductless hvac system’s maintenance, give Levine & Sons a call today! We’ll help you get the job done right!

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