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5 Hacks That Will Take Your Bath To The Next Level

Is there anything better than taking a long hot, relaxing bath at the end of a stressful day? You may even be having a rough day today – thinking about that bathtub you’re going to hop into as soon as you get home. Well, in honor of International Bath Day, we’re laying out 5 cheap and easy hacks that’ll make bathtime the highlight of your entire week.


  1. Herbal Tea: sure, the warm water helps to stimulate blood circulation leaving you feeling relaxed and rejuvenated, but you can take it a step further by adding herbal tea to the water. The calming scents of dried tea leaves will be quite the treat!
  2. Bath Caddy: whether you prefer to drink tea or wine in the tub, a few pieces of scrap wood can really make things easier. You can build your own bath caddy and lay it across the tub and have a place to rest your beverage, a candle and your favorite book or magazine.
  3. Waterproof Speaker: find classical music relaxing? Rather turn on your favorite dance music? Whatever the case may be, a waterproof speaker is a wonderful way to get you in the right frame of mind while you bathe.
  4. Tea Candles: you know those tiny candles they place in your favorite spa? Well, you can create that same ambiance by scattering some tea candles around the tub.
  5. Bath Pillow: struggling to find a comfy place to rest your head on the side of the tub? We recommend adding a waterproof bath pillow. You can place most models just about anywhere you’d like and they’re quite affordable.


Now that you’ve got these hacks, you can turn this International Bath Day into the best day of the year! And remember, if you’re having issues with your bath’s plumbing, you can always count on Levine & Sons!

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