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5 Things To Do Before You Leave For Vacation

You made it! That vacation you planned a while back felt like it would never get here, and now, it’s officially time to clock out, pack your bags and enjoy a few days of much-needed relaxation. Don’t forget to pack a bathing suit, some sunscreen and definitely don’t forget to take care of these five energy-efficient hacks before you head out the door.


  1. Turn up the thermostat on the air conditioner. If you don’t want to turn it completely off, we recommend raising it as high as 85 degrees . (However, you may want to set it a bit lower than that if you’ll be leaving pets at home while you’re away). 
  2. Have a smart thermostat? You may want to turn it off completely so that it doesn’t trigger the system to kick on every day when your friend or neighbor stops by to bring in the mail. (As mentioned in tip #1, this may not be applicable if you have pets). 
  3. Close blinds, shades and drapes. Not only will this help prevent burglars from peering into your home while you’re away, it will help keep temperatures down during the daytime hours. Blocking out sunlight all day can help you save on energy bills if you choose to leave the A/C system on. 
  4. Unplug energy guzzlers. Be sure to turn off an unplug all small electronics including televisions and cable boxes, toaster ovens, computers, phone chargers and alarm clocks. 
  5. Set your water heater to “Vacation Mode.” After all, your water heater could use a break just as much as you can, so allow it to operate a bit more efficiently while you’re out of town. If yours doesn’t have this option, turn the temperature setting down a few degrees.

Now that you’ve checked off all of the above, have a wonderful vacation! Enjoy your time with family or friends, you deserve it!

And remember, when your air conditioning system decides to take an unannounced vacation this summer, we’re here to help!

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