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Can A Flood Affect My Plumbing?

It may be no surprise that severe summer rain storms can leave streets, houses and neighborhoods flooded. But what you may not be thinking of, is how flooding can affect plumbing systems. Of course, your first plan of action should be to get flood waters out, but then it’s time to check on your pipes.


Here are a few different ways flooding in your area could wreak havoc on your home’s plumbing system…

Saturated Soil

When heavy rain falls, the ground gets saturated and when it can no longer take on any more water, that’s when flooding begins.

Since saturated soil tends to be much softer than it is when it’s dry, it can shift drastically which could lead to large openings or gaps. The result?

The soil may no longer be able to support heavy underground pipes. This can lead to cracks, holes or even burst pipes that could leave you and your property in a world of trouble.

Buildup of Dirt and Debris

As mentioned above, shifting soil and erosion are common results of flooding. But that dirt and debris needs to go somewhere and in lots of cases, it could end up in or around exposed pipes or drains.

Not only can this cause clogs, it can prevent future rainwater from draining properly. The next thing you know, you could end up with another flood in the basement!

Excess Pressure

Your pipes are designed to carry water and/or waste from one place to another, right? Well, they’re not built to handle the excess water flooding brings about and this can cause pressure buildup inside your pipes.

If too much pressure builds up, it could cause your pipes to burst.


With all of that said, we urge you to keep a close eye on your plumbing system during and after heavy rainfall this summer. And remember, if you notice anything out of the ordinary, don’t hesitate to give Levine & Sons a call!

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