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7 Home Improvement Hacks That Involve Toothpaste

Sure, it’ll keep your smile bright and shiny and your teeth in good shape, but did you know toothpaste can also help you around the house? That’s right, there are plenty of home improvement tasks that can be tackled without heading to the local hardware store – all you need to do is head to the bathroom and grab that tube! Don’t believe us? See below and we’ll be shocked if you don’t find yourself with with Crest or Colgate in your hand this weekend!


  1. Mark spots for nail or screw holes: instead of using a pencil or a permanent marker to make dots on the wall or ceiling, use toothpaste. It’ll help you line up your drill and your screwdriver and unlike pencil or marker, you can easily wipe away the remnants when you’re done. 
  2. Brighten up seals: that old refrigerator seal has turned funny colors with age, but you can bring it back to life with a bit of toothpaste. If it can brighten your smile, it can surely make that seal look new! 
  3. Fill holes in the wall: instead of making yet another trip to the home improvement store, use a dab of toothpaste to fill small holes in the wall. This is a great way to get surfaces ready for painting in a pinch. 
  4. Clean shower doors: that’s right, toothpaste is a wonderful way to get rid of soap scum and water spots on glass shower doors. Just be sure to work in a circular motion and watch that grime disappear! 
  5. Defog bathroom mirrors: don’t have time to sit and wait for your mirror to defog after a shower? Toothpaste will help speed up the process. 
  6. Remove foul odors: working on your home’s plumbing system can leave your hands stinking! When soap won’t do the trick, try washing them with a squeeze of toothpaste. 
  7. Shining Up Chrome: whether you’re working on your motorcycle or trying to remove water deposits on that plumbing fixture, toothpaste works wonders when it comes to making chrome shine!

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