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10 Things To Do Before You Sell Your House

Picking up and leaving? Selling your home can be a hassle, especially if the housing market isn’t ideal. But if you take care of certain things ahead of time, it can make the process a whole lot easier. See below to find out 10 of the things you absolutely must do before you sell your house:


  1. Reconsider Major Home Improvement Projects: Not every buyer has the same taste as you, so sometimes it’s best to let them take care of these types of projects after they move in.
  2. Spruce Up Your Landscape: adding fresh mulch, trimming the bushes and removing tree branches can really make your home look more desirable. You can perform these tasks on your own, or hire a professional without shelling out a fortune.
  3. Price Your Home Correctly: if inventory is low, you may be able to get away with asking a bit more for your home. But if lots of homes are for sale in the area, you likely won’t get away with price gouging.
  4. Get Rid of That Urinal: you may think it’s unique, and to some it might be, but in most cases urinals will actually decrease a home’s value.
  5. Clean and Organize: this includes closets, bedrooms, bathrooms, the kitchen, the living room and the basement. Remember, most people don’t like clutter so be sure to organize all of your things.
  6. Pay Attention to the Inspection Report: failing to fix issues on the report can have major effects on the selling price of your home.
  7. Have Professional Photos Taken: it may cost a bit more upfront, but you’ll be quite happy if you receive your asking price, or an offer comes in even higher. High-quality photos are totally worth it.
  8. Avoid Forcing Brands on Buyers: not only might they have different preferences, it can flat out be annoying. If they ask about your appliances, you can mention it briefly, but don’t harp on the name or the price.
  9. Agree To Make Some Repairs: if it gets to the negotiation phase, don’t shut down all repair requests. There are lots of things you can repair, or have repaired by a professional, that won’t cost you much and will make the potential buyer very happy.
  10. Allow Light to Shine: when showing your home, be sure to turn on lots of lights and open up the blinds to let natural light in. You want to make it feel warm, cozy and inviting.

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