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Does Heat Cause Dry Air?

Notice your skin feeling a bit dryer and tighter lately? No, it’s probably not because of your diet and it’s not because of a change in your exercise regimen either. In fact, it could simply be due to your home’s heating system or even your fireplace. What do these two things have in common? They give off heat and heat could be reason the air inside your home feels so dry during the colder months of the year.


Is My Heating System Making My Skin Dry?

When temperatures drop outside it causes an adverse effect inside — we typically run over to our thermostats to crank the temperature up a few degrees. And while it may feel cozy and comfortable, having the heat consistently pumping through your home can actually cause the air to dry out.

As a result, you may notice that your skin becomes drier, cracked, itchy and more irritated than it normally is and don’t worry, you’re not alone!

So, how can you fight back? We recommend turning down the heat whenever possible and be sure to use a moisturizer daily, especially after bathing. Additionally, we recommend a portable humidifier at the bare minimum, if a whole-home humidification system is not in the cards.

Is My Fireplace Making My Skin Dry?

Similar to the reasons mentioned above, your fireplace can also be a cause of dry skin. It all depends however, on the type of fuel being used, the size of the fire and the size of the room.

If your fireplace contains a venting system, like a chimney, any water vapor that may be in the air can be carried up and out with the smoke and the flames. This is one of the reasons for the feeling of dryness in the room.

We recommend keeping the fire small and under control and don’t let it burn for too long. You can also place a portable humidifier in the room where the fireplace is to combat some of the negative effects.

Having problems with your home’s heating system? We’re here to help! Contact the expert heating team at Levine & Sons today. We’ve been serving Livonia and the surrounding areas of Michigan for years so you know you can count on us!

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