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5 Unconventional Uses For Coffee

Are you the type of person who can’t start their morning without a hot cup of joe? Coffee is a beverage consumed by millions of people across the globe, but most people discard the grinds after the drink is brewed. In honor of Caffeine Awareness Month, we’re sharing some unconventional ways to use coffee, below!


1 – Deodorize That Smelly Fridge

Can’t seem to get rid of that stench in the fridge? Let used coffee grounds dry out and then place them inside of a panty hose that has been removed from the stocking. Tie it at the end and leave it in the refrigerator for a few days.

2 – DIY Natural Cleaner

Looking for a natural cleaning solution that doesn’t contain harsh chemicals? Coffee grounds are abrasive and can remove buildup on surfaces like the stove or oven.

3 – Scrub Pots & Pans

The coarse texture of coffee grinds make it great for getting rid of caked-on food stains whether its on dishes, silverware or pots and pans. Just be sure to rinse them clean afterwards to avoid leaving them with coffee residue.

4 – Remove Ash From The Fireplace

Ever try cleaning out a fireplace only to blow clouds of smoke into the air and onto the floor? Sprinkling coffee grounds over the ash before you start cleaning it helps weigh the matter down, making ash easier to remove and preventing excess dust from escaping.

5 – Tenderize Meat

Tired of chewing through tough muscle fibers in steaks and chicken? Natural acids and enzymes contained in coffee can help break them down and make meat more tender. Just rub some used coffee grinds on your favorite cut two hours before cooking.

Expert Tip: no matter what you are using coffee grounds for, remember to never throw them down the garbage disposal. As water mixes with the grinds, it causes them to expand which can cause severe clogs.

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