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5 DIY Tool Terms You Need To Know

Whether it’s a hobby or a begrudging task around the house, homeowners will often come face to face with DIY projects each year. If you have years of experience, you may be able to tackle projects more quickly than your inexperienced neighbor or counterpart, but in either situation it helps if you’re familiar with some common tool terms. So, whether you’re taking care of a small leak or redesigning an entire bathroom or kitchen, you should be familiar with the five terms, below:


1 – Amperage (Amps)

You may not be rewiring your house or even working on the electrical panel, but chances are you’re going to be using some sort of tool that requires electricity. For this reason, it’s vital to understand that amperage is a measure of how strong an electrical current is.

Be sure to match the amperage rating of any extension cords you might be using to the power tool required for the task at hand. Same goes for electrical outlets, if you’re plugging something directly into the wall.

2 – Lithium Ion

If you’ve ditched the corded power tools in place of cordless options, you’ve probably heard the term “lithium ion” at some point. This is the technology that powers lots of cordless power tool batteries these days — they can run longer, draw higher amps, and are smaller and lighter than their predecessors.

3 – Torque

This term describes rotational force and is often associated with drivers and wrenches. Keep in mind that more torque isn’t always better, especially when it comes to projects with delicate components.

4 – Oscillating

Need a tool to get into small or narrow areas to make cuts? The oscillating tool is perfect for the job. “Oscillating” refers to a blade or bit that moves side to side in a smooth arc.

5 – Chuck

No, we’re not talking about a type of beef this time. A chuck in this case, is the part of a drill or screwdriver that allows you to quickly change the head. Most drills on the market these days come equipped with a keyless chuck which allows for quicker adjusting and therefore, speeding up work.

Have a project outside the scope of DIY? Whether it’s a plumbing, drain, sewer or hvac problem, you’ve come to the right place! The expert techs at Levine & Sons have been serving the Metro Detroit area for years, so you know you can count on us!

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