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What Are The Most Popular Types of Indoor Air Filters?

You should replace your HVAC system’s air filter every 90 days or so, but what kind should you buy? Many people mistakenly think that all air filters are made equal and it’s just a matter of finding the right size. In reality, there are three main categories of air filters available, and each one poses its own unique advantages.


Throwaway Air Filters

Cheap, disposable air filters are handy if you’re tight on money, but they won’t do much for your indoor air quality. These throwaway air filters wear out fast, which means you’ll need to replace them every one to two months.

They do protect your hardware if you’re on a budget, but they shouldn’t be considered your gold standard if you can afford something better.

Solid Media Air Filters

Solid media air filters are also disposable, but they offer a significant upgrade from throwaway filters. Most solid media filters last up to six months, but some may even endure an entire year, which means you won’t have to replace them until your next annual AC tune-up!

Electronic Air Filters

Reusable electronic air filters last for years, meaning you’ll save the most money in the long run and enjoy the most purified air quality in your home. People who have serious allergies and respiratory diseases like asthma and pulmonary fibrosis will especially benefit from an electronic filter that removes nearly all the dirt, debris and allergens from the home.

Electronic filters do require monthly cleaning, but they can lower your heating and cooling bills overall, which make them worth the extra effort.

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