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Pipeline Locating: What it is and Why It’s Important


The United States has 20 million miles of underground utilities, yet millions of Americans have no idea where their sewer line is located on their property.  Often, new sewer lines are hidden in tucked away locations after they have been replaced, and it requires special technology to locate them.  

What Is Pipeline Locating?

Pipeline locating utilizes tools that pinpoint the area of an underground utility before digging even begins. Locating a pipeline before going underground is important to prevent accidents.

At Levine & Sons, we use custom pipe locator cameras that employ sonar-based tracking to pinpoint the exact location of a pipeline in a customer’s yard. Not only is this process efficient, but it is also cost-effective for the consumer.

Why is it Important?

Using cameras eliminates the risk of damaging basic services in your home, business, or local community. In developed communities, the risk of hitting a pipeline by accident is increased by the density of the population. Because keeping accurate records on underground utilities was not always a general practice, older buildings and homes may not have information about underground sewer lines readily available, thus making the need for a professional much greater.


At Levine & Sons, each of our technicians is factory and field trained to know precisely what to watch for. Our pipeline locating personnel are dedicated to providing excellent service in a timely, respectful manner. Our main goal is to help you make the best decision for your home. Call us today to schedule your appointment! 1-888-LEVINE-1


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