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How To Keep Your Shed Cool This Summer

Summertime means your shed transforms from a useful place to store tools or a relaxing space to escape into a backyard oven. There are a few modifications you can make to your shed that will help keep your space cool all summer long.

Lighter Wood

Darker shades absorb more heat, and will significantly raise the temperature inside your shed. Painting your shed a lighter color or replacing dark shingles with colors such as white, beige or light gray will help keep the space cooler.

Because of their color, your new shingles may last longer against expanding and contracting in the summer sun.

Overhead Shade

Planting a tree isn’t just good for the environment, but also for the temperature of your property. Planting a tree near your shed will block it from direct sunlight and provide a barrier from heat. Be sure to not plant too close to your shed to avoid tree roots from growing into the structure of your shed. If you do not want to plant new greenery on your property, consider moving your shed to an already existing shady area of your yard.


Making sure your shed is well-insulated will ensure that it stays cool in the summer sun and warm in the cold of winter. If your shed features an HVAC system, this will help retain the air your unit is producing. After insulating, check for any cracks or holes in your shed and seal them to keep cool air in, and warm air out.

Windows for Ventilation

Adding windows to your shed will allow you to not only keep the space cooler but will reduce your energy bill as well. Windows allow for plenty of cool air and sunlight to come in, meaning that you can keep your light switch off while you work.

Humidity Control

Too much humidity in your shed serves as a breeding ground for allergy symptoms and mold spores, especially in a shed with an HVAC system. A portable dehumidifier can be used to remove excess moisture from the air within your shed and prevent any structural damage that may develop from built-up moisture. Just like in your home, make sure to clean your humidifier regularly to keep it running properly.

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