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Leaks are always easy to find, right? Well, not so fast. Sure, sometimes when a pipe springs a leak you’ll be able to notice the water dripping right away, but other times it’s not that easy. Take underground leaks for example – since the pipes underground aren’t visible to the naked eye, you could weeks without finding it. See below for a few warning signs that could indicate something is going on down below:

  1. Unusual Wet Spots: notice areas of the lawn or garden that are unusually wet? You also may notice these spots in landscaped areas or near the pool. This could mean a water supply line has sprung a leak underground in the vicinity.
  2. Isolated Mold: we all know mold tends to favor wet areas, but if you notice it in a specific spot that is surrounded by much dryer conditions, it could mean something is going on underneath. Also keep an eye out for areas like this that are softer and greener than surrounding areas.
  3. Potholes or Sinkholes: you may notice these things on the roads in your neighborhood, but that’s no reason to be alarmed. However, you should start to question what’s going on if you notice potholes or sinkholes on your own property.
  4. Low Water Pressure: notice a sudden decrease or drop in water pressure in the shower or sink? This could be a result of water flowing to another appliance, but it nothing else is running at the time, it could be the result of a leak.
  5. High Water Bill: pay attention to your water bill each month. If you notice it’s much higher than normal one particular month, but you can’t recall using any more water than normal, you might have a leak.

We can find leaks in any plumbing lines running underground or in concrete flooring using specialized infrared cameras or ultrasound equipment. In addition, our technicians will implement a method of pumping helium or nitrogen into the lines to help the detection process. Call us today at 1-888-538-4631 to learn more about our leak detection services.

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