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Water is one of the most precious commodities on Earth, and saving even a few gallons around your home can have a substantial impact on not only your bills, but the environment as a whole. If you’d like to reduce your waste and fine-tune your plumbing at the same time, here are 8 easy tips for saving water.

1: Firmly Turn Off Your Faucets

Just a small drip from your kitchen sink can waste up to 20 gallons of water a day, and that number increases with every faucet within the home. There’s no excuse not to turn the tap all the way when you’re done with it.

2: Increase the Efficiency of Your Laundry

Only wash a load of clothes when they completely fill the machine; don’t waste an entire spin and rinse cycle on a lone pair of jeans. You might also consider the purchase of an Energy Star washer, which reduces a load by 10-20 gallons on average.

3: Change Your Grooming Habits

Your mother probably warned you about leaving the water running while you brush your teeth. But did anyone ever tell you about shaving? You’ll save tons of water if you fill the sink instead of turning on the tap every time you rinse your razor. The same goes for washing your face or wetting your hair.

4: Check For Leaks

Cast a critical eye over all the plumbing and piping within your home. Is anything wet or rusted? Is anything showing signs of corrosion? Even if you don’t see any conspicuous dripping, check for water damage on the floor and walls. If it’s there, something is leaking.

5: Fix Your Showers

Everyone likes a long, hot shower, but all that time you spend warming up the spray is wasting an untold amount of it. Get a plumber to install foam pipe insulation over your pipes and you’ll have hot water ready almost instantly. You can also purchase a “flow low” water-saving shower head that will save you up to two gallons a minute.

6: Stop Unnecessary Flushing

It takes five to seven gallons of water to flush a toilet. How many times have you flushed a single tissue or cigarette butt? Save your trash for the actual trash can.

7: Keep Water Bottles in the Fridge

Most families need cold water on a regular basis, whether it’s for drinking, washing vegetables or cleaning up a spill. But running the tap and waiting for it to cool will waste several liters of perfectly good water, especially when you can just fill a few bottles and keep them stored in the fridge for later use.

8: Be Judicious With the Hose

Washing your car the traditional way, with the hose running at full blast, will spill a staggering 150 gallons of water. Instead, fill a bucket with soapy water and bring out the hose only for the final rinse. You might also consider a professional dry wash if you’re truly dedicated to reducing your environmental impact: Here is where you can find that option nearby.

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