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Especially in these hot summers, you can’t go on for long without having working air conditioning. That means that if it stops working properly, you need the AC repair company that is going to help you get your air conditioning working again, and who’s going to help you do so in the most professional and neighborly manner. If you’re located in the greater Dearborn area, and you’ve been experiencing air conditioning issues, or a complete lack thereof, then you need Levine and Sons, the best Dearborn air conditioning repair company, period.


Levine and Sons has been in the business of heating and cooling, and specifically air conditioning repair, for three generations. Needless to say, we know a thing or two about how to make your air conditioning unit perform optimally. Besides the technical aspects of our work, though, we are also deeply committed to the customer service side of the coin. We value every one of our clients and staff as if each were a member of our own family, and that’s why we provide unparalleled service, across the board. We strive to provide a level of service that is not only precise, but also as warm and caring as if your own next-door neighbor came over to help you.


So, when you find yourself in need of not just any, but the very best, Dearborn air conditioning repair company, you now know that there is no substitute for the professionalism or the courtesy that you’ll receive when you call Levine and Sons. With a family owned and operated business, you can rest easily knowing that you’re getting the family values that we’ve passed down from generation to generation. Don’t sweat it this summer without working air conditioning. Just be cool and call Levine and Sons.

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