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St. Patrick’s Day is right around the corner, and what better day is there to go green? Whether you proudly celebrate your Irish heritage or just want to get in on the fun, let March 17th serve as an opportunity to go green and adopt a more eco-friendly approach to your home’s plumbing with these simple tips.


Switch Your Shower Head to Save Water

Invest in a low-flow shower head, which uses significantly less water. Although water is a renewable resource, it’s never a bad thing to cut back on your consumption, especially when it translates to big savings on your bills!

Insulate Your Pipes

Pipe insulation is easy, affordable and offers a host of benefits including freeze prevention and temperature stability. When you have good plumbing insulation, hot water won’t falter and you’ll enjoy a more consistent flow throughout your home.

Get Water Filters

Water purification systems will treat your home’s hard water. Hard water can cause dry skin, brittle hair and even leave permanent damage on your clothes and other machine-washable items. Not only can a water purifier make water higher quality, but you can also eliminate the use of plastic bottles from your home and drink straight from the tap.

At Levine & Sons, green is our favorite color; we always strive to help our customers make the most earth-friendly choices for their homes.

Contact us today and learn more about how we can help you save money and live a more eco-friendly lifestyle without giving up any amenities. Call us at 1-888-538-4631.

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