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Did you know that there is no science to back the theory that cold temperatures actually lead to sickness? What leads to sickness in the colder months is the lack of fresh air coming in and out of your home. Cleaning products, germs, odors and dust all mix together in your home resulting in less than stellar air quality. Below, we outline some ways to help improve indoor air quality and we hope you put them to good use.

Air Purifier
These machines can help remove allergens, harmful particles and odors. Most effective models can cover anywhere between 500-750 square feet so you should adjust accordingly. If you or a family member has asthma, this is certainly something you should look into.

Living Plants
As we know from biology class, plants remove carbon dioxide from the air and add oxygen to help with air quality. But some plants take it a step further. They remove harmful allergens and particles that are released throughout your home with their own natural processes. The most cost-effective and easy way to boost your air quality is with the help of an Aloe Vera or Fern.

Air It Out
We know these Michigan winters can be tough, but consider cracking a window open on those mild days. This is the quickest way to get rid of some of that dirty air and bring in some fresh air from the outdoors.

Change Filters
Your furnace is already hard at work and it is your job to keep it fresh. Hopefully, you already replaced the filter to start the season but with a heavy workload, it might not last until spring. Make sure you’re keeping an eye on your filter and changing it out when it is appropriate.

Essential Oils
When cleaning the kitchen or the bathroom, these oils are a lot more air-friendly than the traditional cleaning products. They are all-natural and combining them with some white vinegar will give you the same, if not better cleaning performance.

At Levine & Sons, not only do we provide top quality heating service, but we can take care of your air quality too. All of our technicians are NATE certified and we deliver the same Red Carpet service that you are used to. Trust Levine to keep it clean!

To schedule an air quality appointment, call 888-538-4631 or click around on our website.


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