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So, you’ve tried flushing multiple times and it won’t go down. You’ve even broken out the plunger and still, no luck. You’re just about ready to call in some backup when you realize that you have a drain snake handy. However, you’ve never used it before and aren’t quite sure how it works. Well, you’re in luck!


Drain clogs are an inevitable part of life. No matter how hard you try to prevent them, there will be times when you encounter a backup.

  1. Before using a snake, try unclogging the drain with a plunger or drain cleaning (unclogging) fluid – just be sure to stay away from drain cleaners containing harsh chemicals. Still unsuccessful? Move onto the next step. 
  2. Protect your hands and surrounding areas. Prepare for the process by putting down some towels or plastic to protect your floor, and wear gloves. You don’t want your hands to come into contact with the dirt and germs from whatever is clogging your pipes.  
  3. Insert the drain snake into the clogged pipe. Slowly turn the snake using the crank handle as you insert it down the drain. Keep inserting until you feel the snake reach the clog. 
  4. Rotate the crank handle until the snake has a good hold on the clog. You will feel resistance. That means that the snake has grabbed the clog good enough to pull it out.  
  5. Slowly begin to pull the snake out. The clog should come out along with the snake.  
  6. Dispose of the clog, and run some water down the drain to flush any little bits that might be remaining.  
  7. Wash your hands, clean, your area, and relax because you’ve done a great job!

If that doesn’t work, we’re here to help! Call on the experts at Levine & Sons and you’ll receive our Red Carpet treatment. After all, we’ve been serving the Detroit Metro area for decades, so you know you can count on us!


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