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Your heating system MUST BE designed and installed correctly to realize energy savings and heating comfort.  A poorly designed/Installed system will be outperformed every time by a correctly designed/installed system.  Regardless if it is forced air, Hot water boiler, steam boiler.

Radiator Pro’s

1) Heats your home by radiant heat

2) More even comfortable heat

3) Easy to maintain

Radiator Cons

1) If the system leaks, can cause a lot of water damage

2) No air filter, so indoor air quality needs to be addressed differently

3) Heat only.  No air-conditioning option on a boiler (Can be added through a completely different system.

Forced Air Furnace Pro’s

1) Less expensive to install/replace

2) Can add on components to make the system more than just a heating source ( air filters to clean the air, humidifiers to add humidity, air-conditioning to cool the air in the summer)

3) Very quiet to operate

Forced Air Con’s

1) If you buy a basic model, your comfort can diminish by creating drafts (think wind chill)

2) Integrated circuit boards make DYI repairs out of the question for many homeowners

3) The furnace heats the air, which in turn heats object (including people) a much less comfortable and less efficient way to provide heat.

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