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The Benefits of PVC Pipe

The acronym PVC actually stands for polyvinyl chloride, which is the scientific term for a mixture of plastic and vinyl piping. Over the years, plumbers have started to recommend this type of pipe because of it’s durability and efficacy. If you aren’t already up with the times, keep reading to learn more about what PVC

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Plumbing Problems for the Pros

They might not go through the rigorous schooling of a doctor, but plumbers are well trained and educated individuals. Their training gives them the tools to handle a whole onslaught of jobs that the normal homeowner can not. It isn’t just a pride thing, some jobs are dangerous for an untrained plumber to perform and

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DIY Drain Cleaning Tips

A clogged drain is the ultimate party pooper. You can’t use the sink and there are only a few more hours left until your guests arrive! Lucky for you, there are some emergency hacks that can have your drain temporarily up and running again. Try using these five tips in order and let us know

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Going Green With Levine

If you haven’t jumped on The Green Movement bandwagon, now is officially the time! The auto industry, the plumbing industry and pretty much the entire world has made a push toward cleaning up their carbon footprint in an attempt to go green. At Levine & Sons, we are no different. Since this company got its start in

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