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Ever open up the cabinet underneath the sink to grab cleaning supplies, toilet paper or a new roll of paper towel only to have your nose be greeted with a foul odor? You know, that musty, damp, mildew smell? So you grab what you need, close the cabinet and go about your business – but what’s causing that smell could in fact be, MOLD!


Why is Mold Growing Under the Sink?

Believe it or not, vanity cabinets are perfect breeding grounds for mold. Why? Well, there’s a good chance there’s moisture around from the sink and the warm, dark atmosphere is ideal.

To make things worse, pipe leaks can often be to blame.

You may have noticed the pipe underneath the sink had a small, slow drip so you put a little putty over the problem area or put a small cup or bucket there to catch the water. No big deal, right?

Why are Leaky Sink Pipes Such an Issue?

Temporary solutions are just that, temporary. And pipe leaks definitely require permanent solutions.


Leaky pipes can not only cause mold to grow – hence that musty, mildew smell we mentioned earlier – they can also cause your water bills to go up, not to mention water damage to the cabinet, the floor and surrounding areas.

Oh yes, and let’s not forget damage to anything stored under the sink!

So, what should you do if you notice that smell, or actual mold growing in the sink cabinet? First and foremost, call in a plumber if you can’t find and fix the source of the leak fast. Then you’ll want to clean out the cabinet and remove and mold that may have formed, but please be very careful. Mold can cause some serious respiratory issues if not treated properly.

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