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Flooded Basement

Do You Have a Flooded Basement in Metro Detroit?

Is your basement flooded? Call Levine and Sons plumbing now! We can be there within an hour to fix the problem, get the water out of your basement, and you back to your life!

There are many causes to a flooded basement, but the two most common are a clogged main sewer line or the failure of a sump pump. Levine and Sons has 80 years of experience fixing both issues, and we can offer you a wealth of services to fix the problem—permanently.

Clogged Sewer Line

Your sewer line is the main pipe leading from your home, under the yard, to the municipal sewerage system. It can become clogged by many things, but the two most common problems are clogs resulting from household waste products or tree roots. For more than 80 years Levine and Sons has been unclogging drains in the Metro area. We have seen everything and can fix anything. Please explore some of our methods for unclogging drains:

Failed Sump Pump

Another common problem, especially during storms, is the failure of a sump pump. A sump pump sits in a sump basin, or a hole in your basement floor, and pumps out any water that may be entering your home, especially during storms or periods of high rain. They are prone to breaking, because they sit idle, sometimes for years, and fail when they are needed. In addition to fixing the main pump, Levine and Sons can install a backup pump for your convenience. Please see our pumps page for more information.

Time is of the essence. Water can wreak havoc on your home destroying drywall, carpeting, insulation, and prolonged exposure. If you have water in your basement, don’t delay. Call us today and we’ll be there when you need us.

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