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Monie Lawson
Monie Lawson 5.0

Very good company jon came out Sunday morning to snake our drain and did a very good job he explained what the problem was and fixed it

Aaron Chateau
Aaron Chateau 5.0

Scott was awesome. It’s always nice to have a skilled tradesperson matched with a great and caring personality.

Stephen Migdal
Stephen Migdal 5.0

Responsive. Explained everything. Knowledgeable and thorough. Great clean up

Debra Paul
Debra Paul 5.0

We had an emergency over the weekend with water in our basement, Lavine and Sons responded very promptly and was able to fix the problem before it got worse. Their craftsman Jon was professional and it was a pleasure to talk to Teresa in the office. ...Shes was the calm in the chaos.Read More...

Steven Naypower
Steven Naypower 5.0

Had Jon out to my parent's house to snake a drain he was very polite and knowledgeable I was very impressed

Sandy Drews
Sandy Drews 5.0

My daughter recommended levine and sons and we had Jon come out for a floor drain problem. He did a fantastic job and we haven't had a problem since!

Alanna Scott
Alanna Scott 5.0

Scott was very friendly and knowledgeable. The camera he used to inspect my drain was topnotch. I would recommend Levine and Sons to all my family and friends.

Vicki Daniels
Vicki Daniels 5.0

Scott was very impressive with his knowledge and patience in doing his work . Thank you very much for your service

Tasha Hanley1
Tasha Hanley1 5.0

Scott was great he had the job done quickly. A past plumber attempted to take advantage of us as new homeowners with creating a false and very expensive job. I was happy to get a second opinion and Scott reassured me and gave me some good tips. Thanks!

Samantha Drews
Samantha Drews 5.0

I called Levine & sons for a drain back up. Jon did phenomenal work! He pulled out so many roots. He was very friendly and knowledgeable and didn't leave a mess behind!

Jackee Woolfolk
Jackee Woolfolk 5.0

Scott & John were Great!!!!

Sue Newland
Sue Newland 5.0

I have had sewer problems for a long time had plumbers our pay for the camera rented a jetter called this company ther young guy came out fixed my sewer problems i recommend this company over any body

Diarra Herring
Diarra Herring 5.0

Scott and Connor were excellent!! Outstanding service!! Thank You.

DQ Moore
DQ Moore 5.0

Scott and Conner were very friendly and they came ready to do a job. When the camera couldn't go any further and the snake started hitting something hard, they told me what could be the issue. They didn't try to make me spend more money or waste our ...time. I really appreciate appreciate their work and I will work with Levine & Sons in the future.Read More...

Yasmin Zayed
Yasmin Zayed 5.0

Jennifer is an outstanding customer service representative. When I had many concerns and questions, she was willing to help me understand each point. She is very detail-oriented, and very helpful in person and on the phone.

Jon Vaughan
Jon Vaughan 4.0

Had SCOTT B. out to my sisters house in Southfield. When coming into her home he was told he did not need to put his shoe covers on , he told us that out of respect for our home he would wear them anyways. This really blew us away. He took care of our ...sewer issue and had the whole problem resolved in under an hour. Thank you Scott for a job well done and taking pride in your work.Read More...

Kaitlyn Jacques
Kaitlyn Jacques 5.0

They have very great service and values as a company! Jennifer in the office is always very helpful. 10/10 recommend this amazing, family owned company for any plumbing, heating, and cooling services you may need.

Noelle Rager
Noelle Rager 5.0

Levine and sons is the best company for all of your plumbing, heating, and cooling needs in the downriver area! Their work is very efficient and of very high quality. Their staff is extremely helpful, especially Jennifer, her customer service skills were ...amazing and made me feel the company really appreciated me being their customer!Read More...

Sarina McNeil
Sarina McNeil 5.0

Donna Loewe
Donna Loewe 5.0

Jennifer Jacques is the best!!!! Friendly and very informative

Jon Baez
Jon Baez 5.0

Wonderful company to work for

Chris Prescott
Chris Prescott 5.0

I am always happy with the service I get from Levine and sons. I don’t trust anyone else when it comes to hiring a company for plumbing repairs. Jennifer is a delight to work with!!!

Victoria Crawford
Victoria Crawford 5.0

Great Company! Had them out twice in the last 2 years and their professionalism and knowledge were top notch. Thank you Scott... Job well done. Had them back again yesterday and I can't recommend them enough. Fair, honest, and they know there stuff! ...Great job again Scott!Read More...

Kelsey D
Kelsey D 5.0

After dealing with the headache of other plumbing companies, I had Levine & Sons come out to help snake out roots from my neighbors tree that grow into the main line. Ricky was very nice and kept me updated as to what he was doing. Was in and out very ...quickly as well with basically no mess. I highly recommend!Read More...

John Bryson
John Bryson 5.0

haalah musa
haalah musa 5.0

Had a drain backup and they scheduled an appointment within hours. Very fair pricing!

Nick Stevens
Nick Stevens 5.0

Scott was very quick and reliable will be using their service again.

Sean OTuathal
Sean OTuathal 5.0

Our service tech was great, knowledgeable and friendly. We called Levine based on these online reviews, and were not disappointed. Levine's are our new "go-to". Heating, Cooling, and Plumbing: YES please!

Lina Bata
Lina Bata 5.0

We had no hot water over thanksgiving! Matthew came out the next morning! He is very knowledgeable and you can tell he knows what he’s doing! We’ve had our share of scammers and people that pretend to know what they’re doing! He was able to fix it ...and buy us some time as we will need to replace our old water heater soon. Honesty and quality of the work is very important to us! Mathew did a great job... we are now shopping for a new water heater with labor cost because we don’t like to overpay! ... we would definitely trust Levine and sons installing our new water heater if they give us a reasonable price! We are hoping for a good deal!Read More...

John Firment
John Firment 5.0

Good recommendation from a friend. Previous owner of my house built a family room and planted a maple tree over the sewer line which grew quite large over the years. House built around 1950's. Lots of roots in the sewer line from the tree. Knew I had ...cracked sewer lines from other contractors quotes. Jimmy Levine suggested trenchless sewer relining, since my yard could not be dug up for replacement. It took many visits with precise measurements. It took a team of 5 to preform the actual reline. Quite technical inflating a reusable inflatable bladder to form resin impregnated fiberglass inside my sewer then activating with steam. Job is perfect with lifetime transferable warranty. Jimmy and his team worked to perfection , friendly, clean and quite through. Highly recommend them for this procedure.Read More...

Warren Wilson-Crook
Warren Wilson-Crook 1.0

I had someone come out because my furnance stopped working on a Saturday. They charged me 69.00 which I had no change so I gave 70. I was told it was my draft inducer motor. The guy quoted me 573 for the inducer 112 each for two switches that was never ...said to have a problem and 200 to get them to open the warehouse on a Saturday. I went online and paid 95 for the draft inducer motor and did the repair myself using youtube. So if I paid so little, why where they charging me over a 1000 dollars for a 15 min repair? I guess the other 900 was for labor. Don't trust this company. It didn't help when I decided to not use them that the guy told me he was glad to not have to do the job.Read More...

Norman Henry
Norman Henry 5.0

Had an issue with the boiler giving off burning smell. Matthew not only fixed the issue but thoroughly explained the why behind the problem. I will definitely consider this company for my HVAC job next year.

milad shamoun
milad shamoun 5.0

Reliable, easy to schedule, honest pricing and friendly staff

Chris 5.0

Had Technician Ken come in the morning to fix a blocked drain problem we were having. Was able to fix the bath tub and tried to work on the sink but his machine broke. Super nice guy and did a great job up until that mishap happened! Gave a call again ...and they were SUPER nice and sent someone else later that day to finish up the job. Technician Scott came and he was able to complete the job in a timely matter and was super great as well! Cannot say enough nice things about this company and my experiences. I have used them for every plumbing issue and will continue to do so going forward! They go above and beyond for the customer. Thank you again!Read More...

Sharetta James
Sharetta James 5.0

Service is awesome highly recommend

Purushoth Haritharan
Purushoth Haritharan 5.0

Tanya Smith
Tanya Smith 5.0

My experience was great, the plumber arrived on time, he was friendly, smiling and cute. He was ready to work and gor the job done so fast. I was pleased, no more clogged drain. I definitely recommend this business.

Vicki Shea
Vicki Shea 5.0

Dave was just here for a backflow inspection on our sprinkler system and did a wonderful job. He explained everything, gave us a good price, and is sending our paperwork to the city of Troy so we don't have to. I highly recommend them.

Ron Weiss
Ron Weiss 5.0

Levine & Sons did an outstanding job addressing my plumbing problem!! I was time pressed due to a compliance requirement with my city and Levine dispatched a technician (Dave) quickly. Dave identified the concern and fixed it immediately. I've used ...them many times for various issues, including HVAC and other plumbing concerns. They've always impressed me.Read More...

Justin Bankston
Justin Bankston 1.0

Although response time was good, pricing, in my opinion and research would be considered price gouging. I called 5 places as I had blockage. Levine was the first available. After services rendered the “others” called back ready to service at a ...fraction of the cost. If you have a few hours too spare check your local and WAIT. I wish I would have.......Read More...

Blaise DiDonato
Blaise DiDonato 5.0

Thanks Scott you’re the best. I don’t usually do reviews but I want to let everyone know how great Scott is. This was Lavigne and sons second time at our house and I would like to give them a 10 star.

Debra Hobson
Debra Hobson 1.0

One of their technicians came out to my house and was not only unable to fix my issue but could not even give me a quote as to how much it would cost to replace my drain flange. He was, however, more than happy to tell me everything that was done ...incorrectly and comment on the "poorly" chosen fixtures and sink type. I was told I would be contacted by his "supervisor" with the quote and no one ever called back.Read More...

Cleola Mccann
Cleola Mccann 5.0

Awesome place to do business with they are very dependable and and time and that there to try to rip you off they are truly there to help you had a great experience with them and will use them again in the future!!

Werner Dahm
Werner Dahm 5.0

Elise Rowin
Elise Rowin 5.0

Levine responded promptly and sent a team out immediately to clear a clogged kitchen drain. Scott and John were polite, friendly, quick and clean. They even wore shoe covers when entering my house and made sure I knew how to use my garbage disposal ...properly to avoid clogs. Rarely do you find such thorough and customer-friendly service as Levine and their crew delivered. Kudos!Read More...

Eva Dukes
Eva Dukes 4.0

Very professional, clean up behind there services and friendly.

Tiffany Goetz
Tiffany Goetz 5.0

John and Scott were just here and they did an amazing job. They were thorough and everything is working perfectly now. I really appreciated the time they took to explain things to me. It’s nice to actually have a plumbing company that isn’t trying to ...oversell and rip you off every time they come out. It’s very rare these days!Read More...

Kenneth Jones
Kenneth Jones 5.0

The gentleman that can to work on my plumbing from Levine & Sons did an outstanding job assessing my need. The were polite and courteous in my home. Scott and John are both an asset to your company. They touch the time to explain (EVERYTHING) which I ...felt that they were also schooling me (teaching) me concerning how everything works or does not function at the time. If there is another time that I need your service it would be a joy to have Scott & John return at my request. We made arrangements for your company to come out and give an estimate for the work now needed to dig up the rotten pipe and replace it. God bless you and the entire company. Sincerely, Pastor Kenneth T JonesRead More...

Agron Marku
Agron Marku 5.0

Scott the technician went above and beyond my expectation. I can’t thank him enough for the the service he provided. If customers are looking for the right man for the job, request Scott.

Wanda Auld
Wanda Auld 5.0

PHENOMENAL SERVICE!!! Please call them for all your plumbing needs! We had an issue with water coming into our basement every time we washed clothes and Scott fixed the issue with no problem. Not only was he extremely helpful, he educated us on what was ...going on and what caused the issue. You can’t ask for better service! THANK YOU LEVINE & SONS FOR YOUR EXCELLENT SERVICE.Read More...

Mostafa Salah
Mostafa Salah 5.0

June 2019, Called again today, Zack Cathey came this time and it was again perfect. He came on time and fixed my valve leak in no time. March 2019, Scott was here on time, he did an awesome job, he fixed my kitchen's pipe blockage in no time. I am ...really glad that he came, will always call them back if something went wrong .Read More...

Jarod Ray
Jarod Ray 5.0

Scott was great! Fast, friendly and he explained everything as he went.

Roger Zlotoff
Roger Zlotoff 5.0

Bobby did an awesome job, he made Levine look, give that man a bonus he deserves it, will definitely use Levine again

Stephanie Fleming
Stephanie Fleming 5.0

I was recommended Levine and Sons by another plumbing company who was unable to fix my issue. Their reputation precedes them! Scott came out the next day and was able to rectify a difficult blockage with ease and assurance. He went above and beyond not ...only fixing the problem but assisting me in finding a capped cleanout, explaining the whole situation as he worked. Very helpful. Multiple companies have done work over the years but never have I had this positive experience. I will definitely recommend them to friends and family and will use their services from now on!Read More...

Dustin Dreese
Dustin Dreese 5.0

Scott B Came out to my house and fixes out sewage back-up in no time. Super nice guy and very professional. Thanks so much!

Winston Green
Winston Green 5.0

Staff is awsome fast service techs awsome service. Really get what you pay for.

Jason Durrant
Jason Durrant 5.0

Scott B. was very professional and diagnosed and fixed the problem with my basement storm drain backup within about 10 minutes! Would definitely recommend Levine & Sons and Scott B. for sure. Great work!

Josiah LaColla
Josiah LaColla 5.0

Very transparent with their service fees and prompt with their appointments and emergency responses. They don't overpromise or overcharge unexpectedly. We had Scott out and he was very careful around the house, and an all-around good guy. Stuck to his ...work and it felt like he was really there to help fix the problem, not just sell us on additional services. I'll call again next time there's a problem outside my own abilities!Read More...

Mary Jones
Mary Jones 5.0

Scott B. quickly found and fixed the issue causing our basement to leak. He explained everything clearly as he worked. He was very professional and had a great attitude.

Julie George
Julie George 5.0

We had water backing up in the basement the Saturday before Easter. We called multiple plumbers in the area around 9pm. We attempted to snake the drain but had no luck with removing the clog. We called about 8 different companies only 2 called us back. ... The first company said they could come out on Tuesday that just would not of worked if we just let it sit. Levine and Sons called and said they can have a tech out to us in less then an hour. Sure enough Scott showed up and was ready to work. He explained everything in great detail and did an amazing job. He was at our home by 10pm and was done and cleaned up by 11:30pm. I am so thankful we got Scott as a technician. He was so thorough and professional. If we have any other plumbing needs we will be calling Levine and Sons and asking for Scott. Thanks againRead More...

Tiuana Guydon
Tiuana Guydon 5.0

Very Professional and reliable sources.

Sue Blue
Sue Blue 5.0

This company is the best! They are professional, courteous, knowledgeable and patient with each customer. We had a basement flooding in my condo complex and they were able to send out one of their “BEST” employees. Scott arrived earlier than I had ...expected which was great, he was able to find out the problem and solve it. He basically saved my entire building from flooding all the units, with his expertise, kind manner and exceptional knowledge of the problem. He was able to assist the grounds keeper and the property manager with this unfortunate problem that occurred when I was leaving at 5am for a long trip and was worried about leaving my condo and cat there. If it wasn’t for him and his patience, I would have probably had to postpone my trip! Thank you to Scott and all the amazingly awesome staff at Levine & Sons!!! Every staff member office or on the road deserves a “pat on the back” for all they do to help those in need.Read More...

Trisha Gorzinski
Trisha Gorzinski 5.0

Scott is very friendly and did a great job!

Mark Lusky
Mark Lusky 5.0

Mari Martin
Mari Martin 5.0

Scott B was a great guy

Terri Buckner
Terri Buckner 5.0

Scott B. just pulled away. Best service ever! He went the extra yard to make sure my sewer was clear and that I understood the health of my line. I am a frequent flyer with another plumbing company and this is my first time using Levine & Sons. ...Needless to say, I will probably never call anyone else again!Read More...

Jeff Lamping
Jeff Lamping 5.0

Scott did and excellent job. He was quick, professional, and fixed the problem with a little MacGyvering.

Debbie Thomas
Debbie Thomas 5.0

Scott and Mitch were professional and friendly. Even my dog liked them

Rebecca Jerrim
Rebecca Jerrim 5.0

Scott and Mitch came out to open a basement sewer. They used a camera and showed us were the problem was. They did an excellent job of clearing the line in a short time. I would recommend them.

Lindsey Gullette
Lindsey Gullette 5.0

Friendly and professional Scott and Mitch were also very informative about what was being done. He educated me on my main lines in a way that was understandable. The work was effective and done in a timely manner. As always, Levine and Son remains ...dependable and exceptional. Do not choose anyone else!Read More...


Once again Levine & Sons promptly came to our plumbing rescue. Today it was Scott and Mitch that solved our backed up drain issue with great efficiency. We only call this company. They are always knowledgeable and most importantly honest and hard ...working.Read More...

Catherine Su
Catherine Su 5.0

Very professional, put shoe covers on before entering house, They texted me that they were scheduled to come out and when they where coming out. They only charged me $99 to unclog my sink, others charged me more and could not.

D Lowe
D Lowe 5.0

Scott B was great. I have a handyman company myself. His customer service and experience is something money cant buy. We were able to fix the problem and he also gave me tips on things I could do to make sure the problem dose not happen again. Thank you ...Scott for doing such a great job. Don LoweRead More...

Your Standard Google Account
Your Standard Google Account 5.0

Scott did a great job!

S Briggs
S Briggs 5.0

Scott Breuer and his assistant came out to my home because the drain in the kitchen sink was clogged. They did a great job and now the water is draining out better than in the past. Scott is very professional and does a Awesome job.

Lauren Gothro
Lauren Gothro 5.0

So grateful for a quick fix and a friendly technician. Thanks Scott Breuer!

Scott Snyder
Scott Snyder 5.0

The techision (Scott) was very professional and knowledgeable. He explained what the issue was with our leaky toilet and did a great job installing and fixing our leaky garbage disposal. I recieved a text when he was on the way and he came when ...scheduled. Also the price was great.Read More...

Cody Baran
Cody Baran 5.0

Mitch and Scott were very helpful and professional.

Johanna G
Johanna G 5.0

With temperatures around -11 with windchills of -30 our furnace went out... Levine & Sons were able to get someone sent out... he got here about 39 m before they said which was great... he had the problem figured out and repairs started... I honestly had ...called another place that bragged about their 24 hour service with great reviews and still have not gotten a call back... Levine & Sons is a lifesaver.Read More...

Jo Esper
Jo Esper 5.0

Scott and Mitch did a wonderful job. Thank you

Robert Zabel
Robert Zabel 5.0

On january 6th our drain backed up again. Its a 19 year old house that was fine until a back up last year. Will Pittman, cleared it and suggested finding out why. The camera was used and revealed a leaking joint. For now my drain is clear and of ...course i know what the problem is and can plan for the correct repair. Im really relieved and greatful that Will suggested the camera .Read More...

Britney Beyer
Britney Beyer 5.0

Levine was the only company that would give me pricing over the phone for a maintenance sewer line cleaning for my house - there were no hidden fees! D'Angelo and Connor showed up on time, were very professional, and got the job done fast. I will call ...Levine the next time I have an emergency or need maintenance work done.Read More...

Wanda Brown
Wanda Brown 5.0

The young man named D'Angelo Berrios was very very nice and respectable. He did work for my sister also. And my daughter will be calling for her drain to be cleaned. Thank you.

jennifer hoover
jennifer hoover 5.0

Had Technician Scott B out to scope a sewer line. He was professional and very helpful. Thank you

Lee Jackson
Lee Jackson 5.0

Just has Scott at my house. Great guy and great company he was able to clear a line another company told me could not be cleared. He also found out the sewer line is broken and he even showed me where and told me up front how much it would cost to ...have it dug up and replaced. Thank you for up front pricing and knowledgeable staffRead More...

Rob .c
Rob .c 5.0

Dangelo was professional and very helpful Levine&sons is highly recommended for any plumbing issues

Julie Hurst
Julie Hurst 5.0

This is the third time we've called due to a sewer backup and they arrive to save the day within the hour. Their techs have been friendly and professional. Today we had Scott B and he was very nice, thorough, and answered my questions and helped educate ...me on what was happening. I appreciate that they also try to respect the cleanliness of my home and wear shoe coverings. I have recommended them to friends who were also happy.Read More...

Kass Bentley
Kass Bentley 4.0

Ricky was fantastic! Very professional! Would recommend.

Anwar M
Anwar M 1.0

Leslie Anne Rojas
Leslie Anne Rojas 5.0

Scott B. came out and did a great job. He was pleasant and efficient and explained everything really well. I would definitely use him again!

Peter Michalakis
Peter Michalakis 5.0

We had drainage issues in our home. D'Angelo and Connor arrived promptly, diagnosed the problem correctly, and addressed it. Very professional, courteous and honest. They even offered some suggestions for the future which was appreciated. Highly ...recommend them and the company in general, as they delivered as promised!Read More...

Christopher Lewis
Christopher Lewis 5.0

Scott was a great guy and did great work


Prompt, polite, personable, and professional. Thank you Scott B. For helping me understand my drainage situation and doing your damnest to fix it! It was a pleasure to meet you.

Justin Zatkoff
Justin Zatkoff 5.0

Scott came out to scope my sewer lone. He was prompt, professional, and did not try to charge me for unneeded services. I would highly recommend Levine & Sons.

Edward Charlip
Edward Charlip 5.0

Scott B was fantastic. He explained everything he did in a language that made sense to me. He is worth his weight in gold.

Nicole Lucas
Nicole Lucas 5.0

My first time working with this company and I had a great experience. Scott B. was my technician. He was very knowledgeable, polite, and efficient!

Jordan O'Leary
Jordan O'Leary 5.0

Scott Breuer was extremely knowledgeable, helpful, and friendly! I feel much more at ease about the state of my house's plumbing after having him stop by. I also had Robert Cooper inspect my boiler system. He was very knowledgeable as well. I am very ...happy with the expertise of the technicians from Levine & Sons.Read More...

sean degen
sean degen 5.0

Scott an Mitch did a great job

Sandra Grohola
Sandra Grohola 5.0

Scott Bauer came out with Ken and they did a fantastic job. They were thorough and answered all the questions that I had. I would definitely recommend Levine & Sons to anyone.

Trent Thompson
Trent Thompson 5.0

Scott B. Was a great guy told me what my problems were and took the time to explain to me the proper way of snaking and how to get my problem resolved gave me some great information and even left me with his boss’ number for further information and ...workRead More...

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