Sump Pumps, Sewage Pumps & Back-up Pumps

Do I Need a Pump?

The short answer is yes. Most homes have a sump, sewage or backup pump installed for accidents or normal maintenance. As always, it is better to be safe than sorry. Instead of having your basement fill up with water or sewage during the next storm, Levine & Sons can repair any pump problem you may have. If you need a new pump or are missing one altogether, we will recommend and install the appropriate pump for you.

Types of Pumps

There are three main types of pumps used in residential homes:

  • Sump Pump – A sump pump is designed to remove water collected in a sump basin and is usually located in your basement. Aside from a back up, water can enter your house through seepage, cracks in the foundation, or when your basement is located below the water table. A sump pump is usually installed when basement flooding happens regularly.
  • Sewage Pump – A sewage pump, also called an ejector pump, is designed to remove solid waste and waste water from your home. It can also be used to move solid waste and waste water within a plumbing system. For example, if gravity cannot do the job, a sewage pump may be used to remedy the problem.
  • Back-up Pump – Back up pumps protect your basement and home from flooding during a power outage or when the main pump stops working. We do not recommend battery backups because often times the batteries lie dormant and unused for months, leaving them to fail just when you need them. Even when the batteries do work, often times the power outage lasts longer than the battery life. Instead, we recommend water powered back up pumps that use the pressure from your municipal water system to remove water from the house. These are much less likely to fail in an emergency.

Why Do I Need A Pump?

While essential for life, water is one of the most damaging substances to any physical structure — including your house! Even a little water in a finished basement can destroy drywall, carpet, furniture and the foundation of your home, resulting in thousands of dollars in repairs. A small investment now can save you a whole lot of money and aggravation in the long run. Think of it as insurance for your basement and your home — with no deductible.

Pump Installation, Repair and Maintenance

If you would like to have a pump installed, repaired or you just want a checkup, give Levine & Sons a call. We have been installing and repairing pumps in the Metro Detroit area since 1927. Whatever your needs are, we can help. Call today– before your basement requires a life jacket!


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