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Think of the top 5 things you want to upgrade about your home. We’re going to guess that “insulation” wasn’t on that list. While it may not be the most appealing area of home improvement, it can certainly make some major differences around your home. However, there are lots of misconceptions and flat out false information out there when it comes to home insulation, so we’re here to clear some things up!


Myth: Insulation Isn’t Worth The Cost

Fact: Sure, it’s going to cost you a bit of money up-front, but trust us when we tell you it’s worth it in the long run. With the right insulation, you should start to see monthly energy bills drop right away. When you compare how much you’ll start to save each month to the cost of the insulation, you’ll find, in most cases, that it’s totally worth it!

Myth: The More Insulation The Better

Fact: Bigger isn’t always better and that’s certainly the case with insulation. There are lots of factors that determine how much you need, but one thing’s for certain, if you don’t have enough it could be costing you a fortune. With that said, it’s vital to understand R-Value in order to determine how much insulation you need in your home.

Myth: There’s Nothing Wrong With The Insulation I Have

Fact: Most homeowners across the entire country have either the wrong type of insulation, or simply not enough of it. Home inspections don’t often require insulation to be at a certain level in order to pass and therefore, it’s commonly overlooked.

Myth: Insulation Is Only Needed For Cold Weather

Fact: While insulation does certainly help keep warm inside your home during the colder months of the year, it will also help keep cool air in during the summer. This will help your hvac system operate at peak performance all year ‘round and as a result, you’ll reap the benefits in the form of energy savings.

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