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Have a garbage disposal that just isn’t “cutting” it anymore? Time to sharpen the blades so it can get back to incinerating and pulverizing food scraps like it used to, right? Well, we’re going to let you in on a little secret, below!


First and foremost, garbage disposals don’t actually have “blades.” They do however, have little teeth-like pieces that rotate rapidly to shred food scraps and discard of them accordingly.

So is it possible to sharpen the teeth then?

The answer again is, no. It’s nearly impossible to sharpen the shredding teeth, but you can clean them!

How To Clean Garbage Disposal Teeth

There are a couple of ways to clean the teeth, and clean teeth help the disposal operate more efficiently and effectively.

One way to clean them is to drop a few ice cubes into the disposal, run cold water at full blast and turn it on for about a minute or two. As the teeth crush and chop the ice, it will help dislodge and items that may be caked on.

PRO TIP: toss a few citrus fruit peels into the disposal with the ice cubes if yours is giving off a pungent odor.

Another option is to put the stopper over the disposal and fill the sink with warm soapy water. Then pull the plug and turn the disposal on so it swishes the warm soapy water around the teeth. Then run clean, cold water down to flush out the system.

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