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Pipeline Locating

Pipeline locating is one of the more unappealing facets of plumbing. It is, however, an extremely useful and budget-friendly tool for the consumer, which is why we’re glad to provide this service at Levine & Sons. We use our own locator equipment to locate pipelines and we have technicians trained specifically for this service.

What is Pipeline Locating?

When a sewer lines need to be replaced or removed, they can be tucked away in barely visible locations. With pipeline locating, we can pinpoint where the pipe is so there is no guessing game. We use a sophisticated pipe locator camera with sonar-based tracking attached to the end while our technicians scope out the exact place where the piping runs from the surface of your yard.

Why Should I Choose Levine & Sons for Pipeline Locating?

At Levine & Sons, each of our technicians is factory and field trained to know precisely what to watch for. Our pipeline locating personnel are dedicated to providing excellent service in a timely, respectful manner. None of our servicemen work on commission, which means there is no incentive to sell you something you don’t need. At Levine & Sons, our only goal is to help you make the best decision for your home.

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