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Did Levine & Sons Inspire Weird Al Yankovic’s Video “Handy”?

Weird al Yankovic released his chart topping #1 album MANDATORY FUN to great acclaim over the summer.  Mandatory FUN includes a song titled “HANDY” (a parody of Iggy Azalea’s hit FANCY).

The song is about a contractor who can fix any household problem (FYI be careful of the jack-of-all trades type contractors!). In the video, there is a scene where Weird Al’s contractor is dressed eerily like the Levine and Sons flying super guy.

When Weird Al’s management team was asked to comment on the similarities between the two characters they responded with an emphatic “NO COMMENT.”

While Levine and Sons does not have a record of servicing Weird Al’s house, it is possible he used an alias due to his celebrity. It is also quite possible he watched our highly watched web series FLUSH TV and in particular this episode about the flying super guy.

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