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Birmingham Air Conditioning Repair


Have you been searching the internet high and low for a reputable and competent air conditioning repair company, but without any luck yet? If you’re wondering where to find the single best Birmingham air conditioning repair company in all of southeastern Michigan, then you can now let out a sigh of sweet relief. You’ve just happened upon Levine and Sons, and we’re pleased to be able to offer our customers not only the most trusted expertise in the field, but also the highest quality of customer service in practically any field. Levine and Sons is your number one if things begin getting a little warm this summer.


Levine and Sons has been a family owned and operated business for three generations, with our trade being passed along from grandfather to father to sons. Over the course of this extensive time in the industry, we’ve learned a great deal about the technical facets of heating and cooling, but there’s something else that we’ve learned that we believe is just as important to providing a positive customer experience. When we come out to your home to inspect your air conditioning unit, we do so as if we were working in and around the home of one of our own family members. We treat each member of our staff and every customer like family, which has been a large part of our overall success.


We also happen to have a team of the most experienced and skilled technicians in the business, which means that we have the technical proficiency to solve most any air conditioning problems that we encounter. When you’re feeling a little warmer than you’d like, and you’re looking for the premier Birmingham air conditioning repair company, there’s just none better than Levine and Sons. We will provide you with solid technical assistance, as well as a level of common courtesy that you simply won’t find elsewhere. Give us a call today and be a whole lot cooler tomorrow!

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