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How To Prevent Your Dog From Drinking Toilet Water


You’ve walked into the bathroom on more than one occasion to find your dog lapping water from the toilet bowl. It’s no mystery drinking water from the toilet can be detrimental to your dog. There are plenty of reasons why your dog might find the toilet water refreshing, but with these few simple tips and tricks you could save yourself and your dog from a stomach ache:

Keep It Clean

If you have looked at the dish your dog has water in right now and compare it to the water in your toilet, chances are the water in the toilet looks more appealing. Experts suggest cleaning the water dish on a regular basis and refilling it with clean water frequently. Most dogs are searching for clean water when they resort to the John.

Close The Lid

While you can do a lot to keep the water clean, there is still a good chance your furry friend will find its way to the toilet bowl. This next tip might be a no-brainer, but keeping the toilet lid down is the easiest way to stop these recurring drinks from the toilet.

How can you remember to close the lid? Well, there are lid-locks that make it easier for you to remember, and nearly impossible for the dog’s tongue to end up in the toilet.

The Last Resort

If you just can’t seem to keep Fido from lapping up toilet water, we strongly encourage you to take extra care to clean your toilet more often and be selective with what cleaners you use. Not only is the fast-growing bacteria in your toilet a risk, but the chemicals in your cleaning products can do some major damage.

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