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How To Keep Your Kitchen Cool While Cooking

If you’ve ever cooked a warm meal in the kitchen on a hot summer day you probably know that your food isn’t the only thing that winds up scorching. That’s right, the kitchen can quickly go from frosty to fiery and you definitely don’t need that when it’s upwards of 100°F outside. So, how can you keep the kitchen cool while your food heats up? Find out below!


  1. DIY Air Conditioner: you may be tempted to lower the thermostat to keep it cool in the kitchen while you cook, but that’s only going to cost you. Instead, you can make a DIY air conditioner by freezing a bottle of water and taping it to the back of a portable fan.  
  2. Use The Microwave: instead of firing up the stove or oven, choose foods that you can microwave. Sure, there are plenty of “unhealthy” microwaveable foods, but you can certainly prepare things like quinoa or steamed veggies, too! 
  3. Smaller Is Better: large hunks of meat or vegetables will take longer to cook, so cut them up into smaller pieces before sticking them in the oven. This way it’ll be done quicker and you can turn that large appliance off before it heats up the whole house. 
  4. Turn Off The Lights: you may need some light to make sure you’re prepping your food carefully, but chances are you can turn most of them off and still be able to see perfectly fine. This is especially useful if you’ve got older incandescent bulbs that give off lots of heat in the kitchen. 
  5. Cook Outside: the best way to keep the kitchen cool while cooking? Don’t cook in the kitchen at all! Make use of your outdoor barbecue grill, smoker or pizza oven and you’ll be way ahead of the game.

If you are having any problems with your air conditioning system, or would just like a checkup, give Levine & Sons a call. We are a family owned business and have been around since 1927 so you know you can count on us!

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