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What is Electric Cabling Used For?

Ever been a victim of a flooded basement or a clogged drain? The former sounds much worse, and it can easily lead to hundreds or even thousands of dollars worth of damage, but a clogged drain isn’t too far behind. In either scenario, a clogged main sewer line could be to blame and if the problem isn’t corrected fast it can lead to unsanitary conditions.


So, what’s the best solution for unclogging a main sewer line? No, in this case a plunger won’t do the trick and neither will a wire hanger or a drain snake. You’re better off going the electric cabling route for a fast, efficient solution.

What is Electric Cabling and How Does it Work?

Electric cabling uses a rotating cutter head attached to a stiff cable to punch a hole directly through blockage in your drain, helping to unclog it.

The technician operating the equipment will push the cable through your main sewer line, usually through a clean out in the basement, until a hole is made in the clog where the water can be drained.

Then, once some water is flowing through the system, other methods are used to ensure your drain will stay clean.

So, is electric cabling only used to clear outdoor lines? Nope. In fact, this technique can used in smaller scale situations like a clogged kitchen sink or shower drain.

The Pros and Cons

Although this system is great for clearing stubborn blockages, it may not always restore 100% water flow. Generally speaking, electric cabling is only a temporary solution.

On the same note, it cannot fix a fully collapsed or majorly shifted sewer line, but it is the only way to unclog a fully clogged drain that resulted in a flooded basement — unless you want to have the entire pipe dug up and removed.

If your basement is flooded, your drains are running slow or you would like to have preventative maintenance performed on your main sewer line, give Levine & Sons a call. With 80 years of experience, we have been cabling drains and releasing clogs long enough to get it done right.

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