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5 Common Household Items You Should Never Paint

DIY projects can be quite tempting, especially when you want to save money. While they may save you a few bucks, you should always check your ideas to make sure they’re safe to do, first. Planning on adding some fresh coats of paint around the house? Avoid taking your artistic ability to these items:


1 – Faucets

Because faucets frequently come into contact with water, paint can chip and contaminate your water. Just think about a small piece of paint landing on your toothbrush without you knowing as you stick it into your mouth.

When you want the faucet to look different, it’s best to replace it.

2 – Kitchen Appliances

You should never paint kitchen appliances because most paint isn’t heat-resistant. Paint isn’t food-safe either.

The only things that can be painted in the kitchen are the walls and cabinets. Some furniture can be painted as well, but you need to know how to correctly paint that type of furniture. We suggest avoiding anything fabric-based.

3 – Shower Door Frames

Moisture from the shower will quickly cause paint to corrode and chip if you were to paint the shower door frames. You can use shower decals if you want to change the appearance.

4 – Electronics

The danger in painting electronics is you may accidentally get paint in an opening where it can ruin internal components. When you want to change the color of your laptop, look into laptop cases, covers and decals instead.

The same goes for smartphones and tablets. You can find cases and covers for changing their appearance to something that suits your style. Also be aware that painting electronic devices usually voids the warranties.

5 – Pots and Pans

For similar reasons as to why you shouldn’t paint kitchen appliances, you shouldn’t paint pots and pans because paint isn’t food-safe. Even a little bit of paint in an attempt to hide chipping enamel should be avoided at all costs.

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