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What is the Best Time to Run My AC During the Summer?

Along with the flush toilet, undeground sewer pipes, fire and the wheel, Levine and Sons believes that the Air conditioning rounds out the top 5 greatest inventions ever!

As with all great inventions, knowing when to use (and maintain) them is the key to getting the best performance. During the summer months, people tend to leave their air- conditioning on all the time. This overusage will shorten the life of the unit and result in an expensive electric bill at the end of the month. When high temperatures reach as high as the mid 80’s, you can run your air-conditioner for as little as 5 hours a day. Many people have found that using a room fan will keep you comfortable until noon. Running the AC from noon until 5:00 pm will keep your home cool and dehumidified during the hottest part of the day. At 5:00pm, when the temperature starts to become cooler, and move into nighttime weather you can turn off the air conditioner and if needed, use a room fan.

On those days nice 80 degree summer days, runnig the air conditioner from 12:00 – 5:00pm will keep you cool, save overusage wear and tear on your air-conditioner, and help save money on your electric bill!

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