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The Relationship Between Winter and Your Water Heater

This relationship has been on the frits for years, so much so that it has friends and family concerned. It just doesn’t work. One of them is trying to heat things up while the other is trying to cool them down. It was built to fail from the start, but maybe a little outside help could fix the marriage. What do you say?

What Went Wrong?
As we said earlier, this relationship was just doomed from the start. They say opposites attract, but these two simply have trouble functioning in the same room. The water heater loves winter’s friend summer, and it makes winter jealous, so she turns the temperature down even more. Most people set their water heater to about 120°F and if it’s 20°F outside, the heater has to work harder to get the water to the desired temperature. But in the summer, the workload is less because heating starts at a higher baseline. This overexertion can cause malfunctions if the homeowner does not get involved.

Possible Solutions

  • Pipe insulation is one way to help mend the problems in this relationship. When you turn the hot water on to shower, if your water travels in a cold tunnel, it is going to come out cold. Warm that tunnel up and you’re going to help reduce the workload of your water heater and maybe he will be happier!
  • An Insulating blanket never hurt a water heater. It’s useless if the pipes are not cared for, but this blanket can help keep the water in the tank warm.
  • Insulating your home in exposed areas like the basement can also provide a big help. We want to help separate your water heater from winter and this is the best way to do it!

We have been mending water heater relationships for over 80 years! We are matchmakers in our spare time and we know we can make this relationship work if you’re willing to put in the time! For help with insulation or any water heater repairs, call in our team of experts.

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