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3 Ways to Quiet Noisy Pipes

If you have children, you know the true value of quiet time– but what if your plumbing system stole that from you!? Unfortunately, as plumbing systems age, they begin to develop some creaks and leaks that can be annoying and unpleasant. Here are some do it yourself options to try before calling in a Levine professional»

Check Anchoring Locations
Just like anything else in your home, pipes and their anchors will start to loosen over time. When they start to loosen, you’ll hear what sounds like rattling if you’re running water through that particular pipe. All this is is the pipe anchor being loose and it is a simple fix that you might have to get behind drywall to fix. You’ll want to narrow down the area where the pipe is loosest and simply replace the anchors with new ones from the hardware store.

Add Insulation/ Cushioning
You can kill two birds with one stone by applying this tip. You’ll knock out that annoying racket and you’ll help protect your pipes from winter freezing and water loss. When you’re insulating pipes with rubber insulation, make sure you buy anchors that are compensating for the added diameter from the insulation. Wrapping a pipe too loose will only lead to more of that rattling sound you hate!

Check for Air Pockets

  • Air chambers are put into your plumbing system to provide cushion when the water is turned on and off. When those air chambers fill with water, pipes can make a banging noise.
  • To combat this, you’ll first need to turn off your main water supply.
  • Then, you can start draining the pipes by turning on all the faucets in your home.
  • Once you’ve done this, close all the faucets and turn the main water supply back on.
  • This should have reset your system and helped quiet the noises.
  • If it didn’t, your friends at Levine & Sons can diagnose the problem and give you the best possible solutions.  

The name Levine & Sons has become synonymous with plumbing in the Metro Detroit area and for good reason. We have been industry leaders since 1927 and when you have that kind of history, people expect a certain level of service– and we always deliver!

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